Cabinet Members' Images

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Table: Cabinet Member images

Cllr Kober

Claire Kober

Leader of the Council

Claire Kober - hi-res image (JPG, 8.9MB)

Claire's profile
Cllr Ejiofor

Joseph Ejiofor

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Customer Services

Joseph Ejiofor - hi-res image (JPG, 8MB)

Joseph's profile
Cllr Arthur

Jason Arthur

Cabinet Member for Finance and Health

Jason Arthur - hi-res image (JPG, 8MB)

Jason's profile
Cllr Ayisi

Eugene Ayisi

Cabinet Member for Communities

Eugene Ayisi - hi-res image (9.4MB)

Eugene's profile
Cllr Demirci

Ali Demirci

Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources

Ali Demirci - hi-res image (JPG, 7.4MB)

Ali's profile
Cllr Goldberg

Joe Goldberg

Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability


Joe Goldberg - hi-res image (JPG, 13.2MB)

Joe's profile
Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell

Cabinet Member for the Environment

Peter Mitchell - hi-res image (JPG, 3MB)Peter's profile
Cllr Strickland

Alan Strickland

Cabinet Member for Housing, Regeneration and Planning

Alan Strickland - hi-res image (JPG, 11.8MB)

Alan's profile
Cllr Vanier

Bernice Vanier

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Culture

Bernice Vanier - hi-res image (JPG, 5.2MB)Bernice's profile  
Cllr Weston

Elin Weston

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Elin Weston - hi-res image (JPG, 11MB)

Elin's profile

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